channelAustin offers affordable pre-production, production, and post-production courses for mediaArtists to gain free access to resources used to create content that appears on Austin's cable channels 10, 11, and 16, free of charge.

Pre-production includes TV101, mA:MAC, and portions of mA:field 1.

Production includes mA:field 1, mA:field 2, mA:studio, mA:studioaux, mA:studioaudio, mA:multicamcrew, mA:protools, crew:studio, crew:multicam

Post-Production includes mA:protools, mA:fcpx and upcoming mA:premiere and mA:submit.

TV101, mA:MAC, mA:field 1, mA:field 2, and mA:fcpx appear on our Course Calendar

All other classes are scheduled by appointment at Classes By Appointment.


iYouth Media Institute

The iYouth Media Institute stands out for its commitment to keeping classes small and hands on, so every kid holds a camera because every kid has a story to tell. Students with the iYouth Media Institute create self-designed projects that are all their own. Giving youth complete creative control gives them a reason to invest themselves in what they create and an incentive to make it their very best.


Professional Training

channelAustin is expanding its learning opportunities to include more advanced and professional training.